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Review Clinique Long last Lipstick All Heart

Hallo Girls !

Did you remember my previous post about Pretty is Easy with Clinique Indonesia?
As you know that i got 3 products from clinique and 1 of the product is long last lipstick, this is my favorite lipstick for daily make up.

Here's my Review !


It packaged like another lipstick,nothing special though. The color of lipstick packaging is green and above the cap of lipstick there is an embossed 'C' letter and  on the bottom there's a code,i got 'all heart ' code. This lipstick not sealed by plastic btw.

Color and Texture:
The color is so beautiful, the color looks like brown with red under tone, Hmmm like the  heart color as the name of this shade. The texture is creamy and glides smoothly on my lips.


The swatch on my arm

The swatch on my lips (taken in indoor)

Really like with the result,the color so natural but it doesn't make me looks pale. It created natural color and makes my lips looks pretty with this lipstick,talk about the consistency,this lipstick is longlast without eat and drink hardly but this lipstick will leave stain if you drink and eat with greasy. I like the consistency of this lipstick.
Fragrance Free
Allergy Tested 100%
Pretty Color
Easy to get
Matte but doesn't make my lips dry
Long last without eat and drink
Leave stain

The packaging is so-so

Since this lipstick is one of my favorite for daily, i can say that this lipstick good for you who like matte and natural color. The important things you have to know,it doesn't make my lips dry even matte lipstick.

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