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(Review) Ichikami shampoo and Conditioner by Kracie

Hallo Girls !

As we know that take care of our hair is really important, especially for those of you who has problem with damaged hair, dry hair and hair loss. i my self have big problem with hair, my hair is oily and hair loss. it makes me confuse to get which hair treatment i have to buy to take care of my hair?...

Luckily couple weeks ago, i got a package from Kawaii Beauty Japan and it contains of 1 package of hair treatment. The hair treatment from Ichikami by Kracie brand ! wooohoooo i am so excited then....when i opened there was a shampoo,conditioner, treatmeant and leave on treatment.

Anyway, So many factors that can damage our hair those are :

1. Hair Tools
2.Friction hair when washing hair
3.Friction hair when comb
4.Friction hair when sleeping
5.Air Conditioner causing the hair become dry
6.UV ray
7.changes of weather

We want our hair healthy rite? we have to take care our hair with properly and here are the steps of hair treatment...

The steps of hair treatment:

1. Shampoo
3. In bath Treatment
4.Blow Dry
5.Leave on Treatment

So, In this post i will make review about shampoo and conditioner from Ichikami First. 

Ichikami comes for help us to take care our hair, their products formula using special ingredients like rice extract, flowers extract, white sesami oil, walnuts oil, and chinese soapberry. Ichikami has superior quality to make hair look shiny,moist, strong, avoid hair friction, keep moist and elastic.
By the way Ichikami not only repairing the damaged hair but also keep the hair shiny and protecting the hair from damage.

Let's read my review...

Description of product:
Ichikami Shampoo : membantu melindungi dan merawat rambut dari kerusakan sehingga tetap kuat dan sehat.

Ichikami Conditioner : membantu melindungi dan melembutkan rambut, serta merawat rambut sehingga tetap lembut dan sehat.


Flip top cap

The packaging of shampoo is quite simple and slim enough, the color of the bottle is white and the design of the blossoms is pretty also cutie cutie :p at the back there is ingredients,descriptions and how to use.

The packaging of conditioner is like shampoo but the color of the bottle is black, the conditioner packaging more elegant than the shampoo packaging.
The cap of the shampoo and conditioner is flip top,its strong enough.

Color and Texture:

Shampoo: The color of this shampoo is like yellowish and the texture not too runny or liquid, it smells nice as their claims sakura flower scent. the foam of this shampoo so smooth and creamy, it avoids to make friction when washing hair can cause hair damage.

Conditioner: The color of this conditioner is white and the texture is liquid and sticky, it smells nice as their claims sakura flower scent. The content of natural oils from the conditioner formula will make smooth hair, easy to set and protect hair from friction .

The Result after using the shampoo and conditioner from Ichikami, my hair become smooth, easy to comb and shiny. i really like the result from ichikami products it makes my hair conditions better.

Cute Packaging
Easy to get at drugstore
It makes my hair smooth
The smells so nice


Ichikami hair products is suitable for my hair, it makes my hair more healthier and better. i like ichikami products exactly !.

Shampoo : Rp. 50.700
Conditioner: Rp. 50.700

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Ichikami by Kracie.

Thank you for reading

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  1. Hey! I'm in America and I found ichikami in a TJ Maxx store here, which is a discount retail store. I really like it, and my roommate liked it so much she bought some, PLUS I'm buying some for my younger sister for Christmas. Really enjoyed your review (I like to see what other people have to say about a product after I try it) and I like your writing style! :)

  2. Wow ! Hello from Indonesia jessica...thank you for visiting my blog. Someday i want to go to america lol. Yasss you like ichikami products too? *high five*, you are so kind, bought ichikami for your sister :D


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