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Be a dancing Queen with Emina X Ririe Prams

Hallo Girls !

Ahhhh so happy on 28th march i came to emina's event with Ririe Prams.

Wait what's EminaEmina?

Allow me to introduce Emina, Emina is a local brand from PT.Paragon which means this brand 1 company with wardah and make over. Emina come with cute and fun packaging,cause the target from emina for the teenager who wants to start play fun with make up but safety for their age. The important things is all of emina product super affordable price! *wink*.

Who's Ririe Prams?

Kak Ririe is a beauty blogger at and she is a singer too ! oh i love her voice and also i envy you kak Ririe :p i can't sing hahaha. Kak Ririe gave tips and trick how to make simple smokey eyes for daily and special workshop how to sing like a pro.

So.. in this post i will tell you about this event hihi it was fun ! The venue of this event at dia.lo.gue art space Kemang. I had arrived to dia.lo.gue art space at 9.32 am , i entered the cafe and then i saw some people waiting for the event. Then kak Nina came to me and checked the attendance list, i saw Emina team still preparing the stuffs for the event. I was waiting for the event start with ci Rini, omg she is so humble and really pretty like korean girl ya called it uzzlang laaaah. Around 11 am, emina girls asked to audience to take a photo first and then registration. After that we can choose,our seat for the beauty class.

Before start,i took some pictures because it's too cute to take a picture

Look the Decoration theme is about dancing queen !
Ahhhh i love the pink decoration and so girly ! Emina team so awesome right?

Candid ! Ci Rini was taking some pictures 

I like the details decoration,emina team really creative even the little things stuff.

See?pink radio box? What's inside?

Taraaaaa emina make up products for our beauty class horaaaay !.

The Brushes for beauty class.

The event started with fany as MC.

Fany introduced mbak...from emina

Mbak...explained about emina

Fany called kak Ririe to come

Kak Ririe told that she would like to make smokey eyes looks and give the special workshop.

Kak Ririe started the beauty class

During the beauty class, kak Ririe not only put make up on her model but also help some audience to
put make up with properly like applying bb cream,drawing eye brow and make smokey eyes !.
She is so kind and humble.

Here's my photos during the beauty class :p

I was using lip color balm 'dancing queen' shade on the photo above, red color is never goes wrong right?

After the beauty class, emina team asked us to get lunch.

This the lunch menu

Mini mini rite?but it's enough for our lunch and the taste is good.

Lunch's special workshop time!

Emina team give us a song for singing together.

Kak ririe gave us the tips how to sing like a pro, she said that we have to set our breathe with pushing our tummy so our breath is open we can breath longer to sing and we have to exercise everyday.

Thanks emina and kak Ririe for this awesome beauty class and special work shop !
Success for Emina and kak Ririe...

See you !

Pretty and Cute Package from Emina.

PS: I will make a post my 1st impression of Emina products hihi stay tune girlssss...

Thank you for reading

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