Kamis, 11 September 2014

(REVIEW) Original Source Shower Gel Lemon and tea tree

Hallo Guys !
I am back with another review, today i would like to review about body wash from Original Source. I know some of you have familiar with this brand but this is my first time trying original source. Last weekend i went to guardian and i bought this body wash, i chose lemon scent cause i need something freshy :D at first i wanna try vanilla but i thought it too sweet so lemon is my last choice :)
Let's continue to the review


Nothing special with the packaging, it comes with white tube and the black cap flip top.
Lemon and tea tree packed with 100% essential oils,we've wrestled 10 real lemons into this skin-refreshing shower gel and wedged it into our fully recyclable bottle ! This one sure packs a zesty punch in the shower !

Texture: like the name "shower gel" and exactly the texture is gel and lil bit watery, this shower doesn't make much foam just so-so.
Scent: i like the lemon smell ! It makes me feeling fresh and kinda mood booster to start or end my day :D

The lemon smell so fresh !
Affordable price 23k
Feeling fresh after showering using this shower gel
It doesn't give an effect to my skin
The foam just lil bit

So, if u expect this shower gel makes your skin glowing or brighten you're wrong :p this shower gel just make you feeling fresh and up your mood. Lol

Have you ever try Original Source?let's share on my comment box.

Thank you !
Senin, 08 September 2014

FOTD fairy pink and blue

Hallo Guys !
Today i wanna share the result from my make up practice haha i just spending my free time with practice to applying make up even the result is so far from perfect but i always excited to learn about applying make up. In this make up look i am using blue eyeliner and pink eyeshadow ,since pink and blue is my fav colors. I dunno why i give the title fairy pink and blue hahaha no am not a fairy exactly lol
Here are my FOTD photos...
Oopssss ! Sorry for selfie attack

Nyx Rock and Roll Eyeshadow
Viva eyebrow pencil in brown
Silkygirl 2 in  1 eyeliner brown milk
Viva eye base gel
Sariayu L Lasem Eyeshadow
Silkygirl funky eyelight pencil electric blue
Pixy bold to last gel eyeliner black
Maybelline Hyper curl volume express mascara

Acnes Natural care cream
Maybelline BB stick in Natural
Elianto loose powder 

Silkygirl Color lip balm
Nyx soft mattte lip cream in Milan

So,what do you think about my FOTD?