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[Event Report] Pretty is Easy with Clinique Indonesia

Hallo Girls !

Last Saturday i went to Grand Indonesia to attend the event from Clinique Indonesia, on last tuesday ci Nellin posted about the invitation for 10 beauty bloggers to join clinique event with 3 famous make up artists! Those are : Mellisa, Carnellin and Aurelia Carisa (Icha). I sent an email to ci Nellin and i chose session 2 which was at 2.30 pm then on wednesday ci Nellin Replied my email and yeay ! I got the invitation for this event woohooo.

So on Saturday, i came to GI around 12.30 pm cause i with bf went to blitz first to buy tickets lol, oh 2.30 pm still long..hmmm we decided to wait at sumoboo until 2 pm. After that i went to down stairs and enter Seibu to find premium lounge, i met natasha there. So, we came to premium lounge together, the event didn't start at 2.30 pm because we had to wait another audience.
Me with natasha took some pictures while we wait another people.

Here some pictures on clinique event...

The place for make up demo 

Clinique Make up 

Make up and Tools for Demo

Audience Seats during the event.

Spotted ! Natasha just took some pictures around the venue

The event started on 3pm, this guy introduced his self and his name is Mario.

Mario as the MC for this event with Gantari.

She is Gantari, she is pretty isn't it?

Mario and Gantari was Introducing boss of clinique,manager and the make up artist. Make up artist from Clinique is atika,

Atika has been work on clinique since 13 years ago !. She has get certified as clinique make up artist like another clinique make up artist in another country.

And then the MC introduced Carnellin as beauty influencer Indonesia, after that Aurelia Carisa as freelance Make up Artist.

Icha freelance make up artist introduced her self, she is so funny and pretty !

Icha with her model (Yuyu)

MUA and the models before make up demo

Carnellin did make up for the model

Atika put make up on her model, Atika shared some make up tips and the strengthness of clinique make up product

here is after the make up demo, look they have magic hand haha all the models look different than before right? they look so flawless and gorgeous exactly !

Gantari and Mario told about Clinique product, Clinique product has known as skincare product. you have to know that Clinique not only has good skincare product  but also the make up product too. Gantari said that best seller of clinique make up product is chubby stick series.

I got so many knowledge from this talkshow, I got so many tips and trick from 3 MUA and it's really important for application make up and knowing the information kind of make up.

All audience had to join the competition, face chart competition haha and i failed ! Look so messy rite?

But it was fun !

I won pop up quiz and the gift is chubby stick horaaaay !

OOTD no?

Me with Natasha

All audience got clinique product those are : eye shaper and long last lipstick

Thank you Ci Nellin and Clinique Indonesia for having me, see you on next event !

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