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(Review) Ichikami Hair treatment and leave treatment water by Kracie

Hallo Girls ! in my previous post i made a review about Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner here, today i will continue make reviews Ichikami products again :D. this review about Ichikami treatment and spray whom i got from Kawaii Beauty Japan couple weeks ago.

as you know that Ichikami shampoo and conditioner works well on my hair, how about Ichikami treatment and leave on treatment  spray? is it work as good as the shampoo and conditioner?

Let's read my review !
Description of product:

Ichikami Hair Treatment : membantu merawat kekuatan rambut dari kerusakan yang kompleks akibat sinar matahari, kurang tidur, stress, gesekan ketika menyisir dan pewarnaan rambut.

Ichikami Hair Treatment Water : membantu menjaga kelembaban rambut, memperbaiki kerusakan sekaligus mencegahnya dari kerusakan dan melindungi rambut dari sinar UV. Ekstrak beras dari Jepang menjadikan rambut terlihat berkilau sehat.

Treatment: the packaging comes with tube,the color of the tube is black and the cap is pink. It designed with cherry blossoms, i think the packaging is interesting enough. At the back there's ingredients,how to use and etc.

Leave on Treatment : it comes with bottle,the color is black and the pump is pink. There's lock for open and lock on the neck on the pump. The design same like treatment design.

Color and Texture:

Treatment:the color of the treatment is yellowish, the texture like pasta and sticky. The smells is soft but i don't know what smell is that,maybe red rice smell? But i am okay with the smell.

spray like fog
Leave on treatment:  the color of this leave on is like water and the texture liquid exactly since it comes with pump spray, The smells nice and soft.

After i am using the treatment,my hair become soft,smooth and easy to set.


Cute Packaging
Easy to get at drugstore
It makes my hair smooth
The smells so nice
My hair easy to set


So, i love the treatment and leave on like how i love the shampoo and conditioner from Ichikami. Those products really work well to my hair, it helps me to take care my hair from some factors can damage the hair and keep my hair healthy,shiny and smell nice a long day !.

Treatment : Rp. 70.400
Leave on Treatment water: Rp. 97.000

Have you ever try those products girls? and what do you think?

Thank you for reading

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