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[Review] Anna Sui BB cream shade 01 light beige

Hallo girls !

Anna sui BB cream just launched in town ! I am so happy that Anna Sui Had launched the gorgeous bb cream in Indonesia you can read the event report here, as you know that Anna sui had known as a luxury,pretty, classy and princessy brand from America. But wait ! I thought anna sui came from Japan since the name like japanesse and i was wrong ahaha oh come on Anna Sui brand from America.

Before i knew that anna sui has make up collections, i ever heard anna sui collection famous by their perfumes who has good fragrance. Now i am really falling in love after knowing that anna sui has a range make up collection wohooo.

Btw how about anna sui bb cream?i got this product from their launched 1 week ago, i got invited and pretty sure i attended that event was fun you can read my event report here.
Are u curious with the bb cream from the luxury brand Anna Sui? Is it good like another their collections? Stay tuned !

Keep scrolling babe...

Ah you don't worry about Anna Sui Packaging, they always have the classy packaging and makes you feel special like princess and you can judge from the box of this bb cream first. As you can see that the Anna Sui Protective BB Cream comes the prettiest packaging, it designed with the cutie red florals and some black art decoration. This is tube model and exactly the size is enough fit in your make up pouch. The cap of this bb cream is black color with victoria's style OMG this is so adorable.

Color and Scent:

It availables in 2 shades which are Light beige and Medium Beige, Mine is light beige. Scent of this bb cream is rose scent, damn ! i like the scent makes me feel fresh and lovely though.


Those Photos above are the swatches from shade 01 and 02, What do you think? . The left one is light beige and the right one is medium beige, as you can see from the pictures that shade 01 which suitable and match on my skin tone colour. Anna Sui Protective BB Cream has medium coverage and semi matte finish, i thought this product suitable for any type of skin but if you have dry skin make sure you put moisturiser which make your skin moist first or add 1 -2 drops serum to make this bb cream not too matte on your skin.

Performance :

Bare Face before using Anna Sui BB cream

After Using Anna Sui BB Cream

Sorry for different lighting, this BB cream can hide some of my acne scar and covered a lil bit my big acne *proud*. The coverage is good on my face and it didn't make my face more oily. it suitables for everyday simple make up especially in summer, since this BB cream comes with high SPF and it's 50 spf PA+++.


I was using this bb cream for more 5 hours and it stayed good on my face, i just got oily on my t-zone and the coverage still ok. I like this shade suit on my skin tone and not greyish after applying the BB cream.

-Classy Packaging
-The Shade match on my skin tone
-it didn't make my skin break out
-good coverage
-semi-matte finish
-high spf it's perfect for your summer essentials !
-Stay Good on my oily skin, just oily on my t-zone lil bit
-just 2 shades available
Conclusion: Ah...i can't says more about this BB cream, it's cool and lovely !. From the packaging until the quality. Now, this BB cream is one of my favorite bb cream and perfect best friend for summer time !.

Price: Rp. 280.000

Where to buy : Anna Sui Counter, Sogo and Etc.

so, what are you waiting for? GO grab yours !

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia 

Thank you for reading



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  1. waah packagingnya lucu hihi

  2. Maksaasihhhhh banget mau tukeran sama diriku ya Ren... hahahahha.. Muachhhh.. Klo ga pasti mukaku macam topennnng hahaha no 2 aja ini masih keputihan loh huhuhuh *sigh


  3. @Arifinda: iya lucu banget yaampun gemes !

    @Vanny : Harusnya aku yang makasih juga van, kalau gak di tuker pas aneh di wajahku kegelapan hahaha oh di kamu masih terlalu terang ya? hmmmm mesti diakalin pake bedak yg lebih gelap kali ya biar match


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