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[REVIEW & EOTD] Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Black Out and Revlon Colorstay Amethyst Eyeliner for [REVLON “Colorful Affair” Challenge]

Hallo Girls !

Today i would like to introduce you that Revlon has new products, guess what? it's new variant eyeliner !. woohoo as you know that eyeliner is really really important to make our eyes looks more sexy and pretty right? Eyeliner is one of my favorite and important make up for me.

Anyway, Couple weeks ago i got the newest eyeliner from Revlon Indonesia, because i want to join their challenge with B blog. if you want to join the callenge you can visit here .

I got liquid eyeliner in black and pencil eyeliner in purple shade, can't wait to try them on my eyes. 

Let me make a quick review about these eyeliners.


Revlon Colorstay Pencil and Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid eyeliner.

I would like to inform you the liquid liner first.


Information of the Product
Name: Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
Shade: Black Out
Netto: 2,5 ml

The packaging comes with Skinny body like another liquid eyeliner, it simple and travel friendly because no need more space in your make up pouch. the design is really simple with black body and white letter. The material of the packaging made from plastic, it's strong enough i thought and if you want to open this eyeliner, you just need to spin around it's so easy.


Oh my god ! i really like the applicator so much , it really thin and sharp. so, you can draw a line with perfectly and draw as you want like thick or thin line. the applicator sharp enough to draw and it doesn't hurt when u apply the eyeliner, it soft and smooth. The stick in the right size not too long or short, it will make you comfort when applying this eyeliner.

Swatch and Texture:

You can see the picture above, i tried to make R letter. the black color so pigmented and has glossy effect. Fyi, this eyeliner is waterproof when i poured the water on my hand it stayed and smudge proof even you rub with hard. The texture is liquid but not runny is perfect for your liquid eyeliner. There is no strange fragrance.

Performance and Result:

It really great performance, because the black color so bold and glossy. Then it glides smoothly on my eyelid, the applicator did great job. The important things is water proof and smudge proof, you don't need to retouch as long as the eyeliner stays !.

The Second Review is about the pencil liner



Information of the Product
Name: Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
Shade: Amethyst
Netto: 0,28g

The packaging nothing special laaah, it pencil shape then. it really simple packaging and make up pouch friendly since this is pencil rite? no need big space lol. it comes with black color for the body and purple color for the cap. the cap make you easy to search the shade, because it exactly same color with the eyeliner inside. The material mad from hard plastic and this pencil eyeliner is reactable, you just need to turn around from the bottom and no need sharpener.


The texture is really creamy, you can draw the line with the easiest way !. when you draw it, there is no hurt because it glides so smoothly but lilbit tricky if you want make a straight line.


The purple color is pigmented enough for 1 swatch, it's pretty purple makes your glam and sexy. there is no glitter though, it's suitable for you who doesn't like glitter and into matte color.
Performance and Result

This pencil eyeliner showed the beautiful color on my waterline, i really like the result. But the performance it smudges and water proof if you do not rub with hardly and just pouring the water.

Easy to get
The color availabe in many shades
The color so pretty
The formula is good
Smudge proof for liquid eyeliner


The eyeliner pencil is smudge

The pict below is my very first tutorial for you, i am sorry if there still many mistakes. i still learning and practicing to make good tutorial. I hope this look inspired you who want to try black and purple eyeliner to get sexy eyes.

1. Draw your eyebrow, you can draw the eyebrow with the favorite shape like archy or straight eyebrow. I am using Fanbo eyebrow pencil in brown here.

2. Put the eye primer on your eyelid area, I am using aubeau foundation since my eye primer is running out and not repurchase yet.

3.Apply the Brown color all over your eyelid, i am using LA girl nude brick eyeshdadow palette.

4. Apply the darker brown on your eyelid corner,i am using LA girl nude brick eyeshdadow palette.

5. Draw the line with an eyeliner, i am using black liquid liner Revlon Color stay.

6. Draw the waterline with purple eyeliner, i am using purple pencil eyeliner Revlon color stay. oops ! don't forget to put your fake lashes too.

7. Apply the black eyeshadow above the purple color, i am using LA girl nude brick eyeshdadow palette.

8. Apply the white eyeshadow on your inner corner, i am using LA girl nude brick eyeshdadow palette.

9. And Done !.

Here's the Result


FOTD for Revlon colorful affair "challenge"



I chose this look, because it's so me !. Yeah i really fall in love with the mix black and purple eyeliner, it makes me my eyes look sexy and bright. it really simple but sophisticated, this look describe me as a cheerful and talkative person.
So, What do you think? am i suitable with this look?

FYI, Revlon not only has 2 variant color of this eyeliner but also there's so many choice of color like gold, blue and etc. Ah ! i want to collect them all.
If you want to know more about the products, you can visit, follow and get the information here.

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