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[Quick Review] Avene Thermal Spring Water and Avene Suncare

Hallo Girls!

I am back : D i would like make a review from Avene products yeay! I am using Avene Thermal Spring Water from couple months ago and still my fav facial mist for accompany me as my skincare routine after applying cream or when i am feeling hot at outdoor i always spray this baby for refresh my face.
Not only Avene Thermal Spring water but also i would like to introduce you,the newest product from Avene which is Suncare who had launch at the end of may at Senayan City, Read my Event Report in Bahasa here.

So, are you curious with Avene products? And why i am really falling in love with those products? Well ! Read my own review now.

Avene Thermal Spring Water

It's  unique and constant composition gives it soothing and anti-irritating properties proven by numerous scientific studies.
Ingredients: Avene thermal spring water (Avene Aqua),Nitrogen.
When to use:
Diaper rash, various irritations, razor burn, after hair removal, to set make up, sunburns, facial redness, after exercise, in summer,  during travel.

It packed from tin material for the bottle and the cap from plastic, to apply this magic water it comes with pump spray. So, you just need to push and spray to your skin. The bottle designed with white color, the font is black and orange at the font. Actually the packaging is quite simple and available in 3 sizes which are : small,medium and large, of course the small one suitable for travel companion.
Texture and Scent:
The texture is really like a mineral water and there's no scent. But when you spray the water, it's really refreshing.
Direction for use:
Spray a fine mist on your skin,wait for few minutes,then gently pat dry.

After using this thermal water regularly on my skincare routine on day and night, i feel my skin looks better, smoother, and the redness far away from me !. This thermal spring water is my savior when i am getting hot on travelling or outdoor activities.
Small : around 105k for 50ml
Medium : 160k for 100ml
Large: 250k for 200ml

And the second review is about avene suncare..
Eau Thermal Avene Suncare

Very high protection Emulsion,50+ spf UVA. Broad UVB and UVA protection. For Normal to Combination sensitive skin. Hypoallergenique-Non Comedogene.

When to use: Apply evenly before sun exposure, re-apply frequently. Avoid contact with eyes.

It comes with tube and the pump to get the suncare, then there is extra cap from hard plastic to secure the pump. Well the packaging is hygiene enough rite?, it designed with orange color for the whole tube and white color for the pump, then the font designed with black and white color though.
Texture and Scent:

The texture is creamy like body lotion but not runny, when you blend it, it blended with easily then not sticky at all. Anyway the color of the cream ia clear white and the scent so soft and smell like flower scent i thought.

Performance: I always use this sun care before going to some activities,after applying my skincare routine. I thought with high spf is good enough for Jakarta wheather who always hot everyday. Btw when i am using this suncare i didn't feel greasy or oily.
Where to buy: You can find Avene products at Drugstore like Guardian.
I really like Avene Products !, especially the thermal spring water is my holy grail facial mist at the moment to refresh and help my redness go away, how about the suncare? It helps me too ! to protect my skin from sunburn or any problem caused by sun.
Thanks Avene Indonesia for the products !

Have u ever tried Avene Products guys? What do you think? Is that work for you?
Go share with me :D

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