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[Review] Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition Shade Ole Flamingo

I would like to share my own review about the famous bourjois rouge edition velvet who launched last year and still really hard to find at the counter, so many online shop sell this lip cream but the price higher than at counter. So, i was waiting for couple months and always checked to bourjois counter then the BA said sold out huft...
Finally last month when i went to grand Indonesia and visiting guardian i found this lip cream yeay ! The shade i am looking for was already there, which is ole flamingo shade.

Do you want to know how about my opinion of this lipstick ?

Let's Jump to the review !

packaging: talk about packaging, this lip cream designed square shape and lil bit bulky though but  i don't mind it. The material from plastic glass and the cap is spin cap so you need to turn around to open this lip cream, the color of the packaging based on what the shade we got. Because ole flamingo is fuchsia so the cap and the body is fuchsia color rite?
When i checked the bottom there is code no.5 and velvet letter
and the rouge edition velvet letter is black, the neck of this lip cream is black too.

there is an embossed bourjois
applicator: the applicator is smooth, it really helps to apply the lip cream on my lips and it glides smoothly.

Texture and Color : the texture is liquid but not runny, the scent lil bit weird i guess like mushroom scent haha (cmiiw) and the color like i am expected ! Woohooo it's my favorite baby ...yeay fuchsia.

Swatch: can you see that ? the color is pretty rite? i really like the color and very pigmented in 1 swatch. After you swatch on your lips, it will give you matte finish.

Result : make sure you have to apply lip balm first because at the end this lip cream has matte finish while at the first look like lip gloss texture on the lips. But don't worry on my lips it doesn't dry or chapped my lips.
Left : Applied the lip cream just thin and one layer
Right: The pict after eating ice cream still leave stain

 The pict above, when i applied the lip cream with thick and it's the leave stain result.

Performance : Great ! This lip cream stay for few hours if you are not drink or eat, and leave great stain after eating or drinking.

Price: 189K at counter
Where to buy: bourjois counter at guardiam,sogo and etc. Or online shop.

Pretty Color
Kiss Proof
Lil bit expensive for drugstore brand
leave stain
stay for few hours if you are not eating or drinking

The shades availability in Indonesia is limited
hard to find at store
at Online Shops more expensive

Conclusion: overall, this is one of my favorite lip cream at the moment. she always in my pouch to bring in my bag. because, it has really nice color which means my fav color pink fuchsia and stay for few hours on my lips. It doesn't make my lips dry though, i think i should repurchase another shades lol.

What do you think girls? what shades do you have?

Thanks for reading

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