Rabu, 16 September 2015


Hallo Girls! 

Did you remember that Kawaii Beauty Japan had a campaign for 50 Bloggers? And yeay am one of 50 bloggers who selected by KBJ to get beautylabo hair coloring *super excited*.

I am so excited got this hair coloring because i never coloring my hair for 5 years lately, the last time i colored my hair it was 2010 when i was college in Bandung. Ya ya i knew it was long loooooong time ago, i always feel worry when i want to dye my hair since the last big problem with coloring hair was damage hair and hair fall; (.

But now, i am not worry anymore as long as i can treat my hair with the hair care products properly and routine. Well...keep reading if you want to know the process of coloring my hair by my self for the first time !.
Can you guess the result? How about the color?is it suitable for me?

Let's get started! 

What's inside the box?

When you open the box, you will find the products and tools for hair coloring. Which means it's really help you to apply this hair color. Those are: 
1.Cream Colorant

2.Developer colorant

3.the tools for applying the products

4.plastic gloves

5. DIRECTIONS guide in 4 languages, ya bahasa it also available.

Packaging: it's packaged with cute card box, there's a beautiful girl with hair pure beige shade exactly. I like the packaging so much, it's very decorative and interesting.

If you want to know how I dye my own hair with Kawaii Beauty Japan, you can click on the video below. 

How's the result?

Under the Sun


OMG!  I like the result my new hair color, it really like what I expected. Just 1 time dying my hair and I got this pure beige color, you did a great job beautylabo.

I am satisfied, I am surely happy with the result and I really love my hair colour now! 

And how about my hair condition after coloring? Is that getting dry or damage?

The answer is nope! 

My hair still good and smooth, as long as you wash your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. After that don't forget to take care your hari with hair mask, serum and hair mist.

Thank you so much for Kawaii Beauy Japan and Beautylabo...

Thank you for reading



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