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[REVIEW] Sebamed Toner for Acne Prone Skin

Hallo Everyone !
Toner is important part for our skincare routine after cleansing with facial wash,we need toner exactly ! to make sure that our skin is ready to receive next skincare part like serum and moisturizer with clean and fresh skin.

The problem is...not every toner suitable for all type skin. In my case I have to find the toner who can help to solve my problems like acne,comedos and tighten pores which is especially for oily skin.

It's not easy looking for the toner for my skin,some of brand claims that suitable on oily skin but the ingredients still not relevant or too much who make the skin not moist and become dry. Honestly,I never read review about sebamed toner but I dunno why I am really interested to try this toner based on their claims about acne and comedo.

Let's check my review to know more about Sebamed toner 


As you can see on the photos above that toner packaging nothing special or cutie design, seamed had known as pharmacy brand not cosmetics brand like Etude house, the face shop and etc. So,  I don't care about the packaging and I think the packaging is quite simple and clean with white for the bottle and blue cap. You just need to spin one time then the cap is open and the toner is ready to use.

 The texture of this toner just like water but in blue color.

The scent of this toner so strong, like alcohol scent but I don't mind lah it's no problem for me, as long as the toner works well on my skin.

 I am using this toner for around 2 months, when I am apllying this toner after washing my face then pour the toner into cotton pad then tap-tap all around my face and neck with gently. there's a cooling sensation onto my skin but there's like a bite by Ant a lil bit when I tap-tap on acne area.

 After I am using this toner for about 2 months there's a significant result, my pores become tighten the before. FYI, I have big pores around my cheeks :( . How about their claims combat pimples, blackheads and skin impurities?hmmmm, well it works laaaah to bye bye my comedo than before, my acne come when get period and yap ! it impurities my skin well so far.


- Tighten my pores
-Help to minimizes my comedo
-It doesn't make my skin dry
-Help to control my oily skin
-Affordable price for drugstore product

 -Like strong alcohol scent

Conclusion: This is the first toner works on my oily skin and tighten my pores, the important part to minimizes my comedo and acne even not all but still there's progress from this toner.

How about your toner? is it work on your skin?

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