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[Review] Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain Shade 025 Sweetheart Valentine

Hallo Girls !
Today is the last day in 2014, time flies so fast then. Have you make some resolutions for 2015? :D one of my resolution in 2015 is...*still secret* hahaha
i can buy more lipstick hahaha i dunno why i like wearing lip color so much :p i think i never get enough with lip color since our lips become more beautiful and makes my face more fresher.

The last post in 2014 is about a review from Revlon Colorburst who i bought 2-3 weeks ago, honestly i want borjouis rounge velvet but still sold out everywhere :(.

Currently this lip crayon is my favorite :D

Let's Read my Review...

it comes like crayon shape, the material from plastic with pink color and on the middle body this lip crayon there's a letter revlon colorburts, the bottom part is silver color. The silver color part as a spinner to spin the lip color. In my opinion, the packaging nothing special just so-so simple.

The cap is secure enough then, don't worry if u put this lip color inside your pouch. It won't open by itself haha.

The packaging and the shade this lip color is match, exactly same !, so you don't need to see the shade number if you in a hurry lol

Looks ! The shade number is 25 and the name sweetheart valentine, sweet isn't it?


On my lips with Flash
Without Flash

the texture of this lip color is creamy but lil bit matte,it doesn't makes your lips feel sticky. And then the scent is like smelly mint ! , i like the scent.


I really like this lip color for my daily activities, because it glides smoothly on my lips and the color is so me ! Yeah the pink color is sweet and not too bright,the important part is....the lip color doesn't makes my lips dry and still leave stain even i have eat and drinks wohooo, after that the lip color stay 3-4 hours if you no eat or drinks. Is it enough for drugstore product with affordable price right?,fyi after you applying this lip crayon, your lips feel like minty warm. the first time you apply the result is glossy but after few minutes becomes matte.

Affordable price
Easy to get,considering Revlon counter is everywhere
Worth to buy
The Color suitable on my lips
Mint scent
it doesn't make your lips dry
the letter disappeared :( why?so, there's like has no brand name hiksss

What do you think? Do you want to try?

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