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[REVIEW] Green tea Cleansing Foam by Kracie

Hallo Girls !
Today i just wanna share my own review about Green tea cleansing foam by Kracie whom i got from Kawaii beauty japan :D You can check my unboxing Kracie Hampers here.
Honestly, i never use facial wash variant green tea before. I usually bought facial foam with pomegranate extract or facial wash special for oily skin and non comedogenic or clogged pores, till i got Kracie green tea facial foam, pretty sure i was really curious about this cleansing foam work or no on my oily skin. since,  this cleansing foam for oily skin and their claim can tight the pores wow ! Is that true?

- To clear blackheads and sebum
at the back of the pores, while it
also controlling oil and tightening
- Leaf extract combination as
tightening component of tea
- Kaolin combination as sebum
absorption component
- A fragrance of green tea with the
feeling peace 

Let's see !

the tube shape then Packaged by plastic Dominated with white color and Freshy Green, there is a picture of Green tea leafs and water splash ! it looks fresh and cool exactly. on the back side there are some information about this product, the letters printed in white and green background.

It comes With a flip top cap and i think this cap is strong enough.

Texture and Scent:

The color of this clenasing foam is white and the texture is thick and creamy, so when you put on your palm and add with water. this cleansing make so much smooth and creamy foam, it makes feeling comfy and has cooling sensation from green tea extract. the scent is really green tea smell it will make you feeling peace.

Performance and Result:

I am using this cleansing is about 2 weeks until now, it doesn't make my skin breakout because this cleansing foam formula is  no alcohol, colorant free and it wouldn't make your skin have allergic. my skin become smoother and looks more healthier than before, i have no acne again after using this cleansing foam. cleaning the dirt with clearly but didn't make my skin feel tight after rinse with water, my skin more cleaner and keep moist.
Make my skin more smoother
It doesn't make my skin tight
It has fresh and cooling sensation
Suitable for my oily skin
Colorant free
Affordable price


over all, i like this facial foam for cleansing my face even though i haven't see the result yet about tighten pores as their claims, because i tried this product just 2 weeks. i will update about the result if my pores become tighten after using this facial foam.


Do you want to try?
Grab it and try the green tea sensation from this facial foam !

Thank You for Reading
See u next time


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