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(Sponsored) My Treatment Experience IPL Underarm Hair Removal at TOKYO BELLE

Hallo Girls !
I would like to say thank you to Kawaii Beauty Japan who gave me a chance to try IPL Underarm at Tokyo Belle !

Let me tell you about Tokyo Belle First,

Our IPL only use the latest and safest technology from Japan that is comfortable for the skin. The IPL will prohibit unwanted have growth, creates smaller pores, and brightens the skin. The result is soft skin.

Tokyo Belle 5 Points:

- We are using the latest and best technology
-Our Staffs are highly trained by professional Japanese
-Our Salon are designed with Japanese atmosphere and standard
-We have fully integrated facilities
-we provide comprehensive consulting to clients

honestly this is my first experience tried underarm treatment, because i thought it's not too important to do waxing since my armfit doesn't have serious problem :p my armfit not too much hair just 3-4  Sheets haha but i was wrong i got 1 problem and its dark skin tone on my armfit area because of using deodorant.

I chose tokyo belle at Pacific Place, i went to tokyo belle on may, 07 2015

Here's my Experience at Tokyo Belle

In front of Tokyo Belle, Designed Really beautiful and cozy for Treatment. Tokyo Belle really knows that girl like Kawaii Design :D

Receptionist Area is minimalist and comfortable to ask or waiting for the treatment.

IPL room

The tools for the treatment

My treatment at Tokyo Belle

She was cleaning my Underarm First to make sure that clean.

Marked the Underarm Area

Shaving the hair on Underarm.

Putting the cream, you can see that my underarm really dark :( because of deodorant.

IPL time !

FYI you only need 15 minutes to do IPL Undearm Treatment ! LOL so faster right?, i didn't feel any pain or something haha just relax and really enjoyed the treatment.

The result after treatment, it's really different and brighten than before. i am sorry i didn't take the picture before the treatment cause i am so hurry :p.

the staff told me that not using deodorant for 4 hours after the treatment.

Conclusion: I am really enjoyed my treatment at Tokyo Belle,considering the result is great and the service is good. The place so cozy too. The staff at Tokyo Belle really nice and provided for helped to take some pictures during the treatment ! how happy i am...
Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Tokyo Belle gave me a chance to try this treatment, now i am really confidence to wear you can see haha because my arm already brighten and really clean wohooo ! for the maximum and the permanent result you have to treatment 8-10 times.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Tokyo Belle 

See You !

Thanks for reading

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