[UNBOXING] Kracie Hampers from Kawaii Beauty Japan

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Hallo Everyone !
I miss blogging so much because lately i've so many things to do like a busy person lol :p
Aaaaaa finally today i can write a review again !,  I am gonna make a post about Unboxing my Hampers :D you know what? Can you guess?
Yay ! It's Kracie :) i got Kracie hampers from Kawaii Beauty Japan about couple weeks ago, i was happy since the hampers can use for pampering my skin :D.

What's the elegant pouch inside?

Let's unboxing the pouch !

1.Cleansing Express

2.Green tea Facial Foam

3.Extra Moist  mask

4.Brightening mask

5.Elasticity mask

Are you curious about these products?  wait for the reviews soon :)

Thank you for reading
Until next time

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