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Review Revlon Color Stay eyeshadow palette 550 enchanted

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Meet with me again :D i am gonna make a review about eyeshadow revlon (again), so about couple weeks ago i've made a review about the same series of the eyeshadow but with different code exactly!. 
On my previous post i've told you that i bought the eyeshadow palette  in a promo buy 1 get 1.
What the differences code 550 between 555?

Check it out the review !

Code:550 Enchanted

Ah i couldn't say more about the packaging it's really same with the last one.This palette so handy, it easy to carry when you traveling and not too space in your pouch. This palette made from plastic and Designed with black color in front of packaging there's white letter and transparent plastic to see the color of the eyeshadow inside, at the back of this palette there's a guide to apply this eyeshadow and information about this palette. But it doesn't come with a mirror :( so you need to bring a mirror.

The Guidelines How to Apply the Eyeshadow:


 I really don't like the applicator, since the applicator material from the sponge and lil bit rough and not comfortable to apply the eyeshadow. So, i prefer using eyeshadow brush to apply this eyeshadow.

Texture and Color:

It has 4 colors,Those are pale pink, grey, Ash and black shimmery. So in this palette has 3 matte colors and 1 shimmery color. i like this palette because has neutral colors, so you can wear it everyday without too heavy or like a disco ball haha.The texture lil bit powdery,it's easy to fall out :(.


without Flash

With flash
The colors Lil bit pigmented, if you applying this eyeshadow without primer and pigmented enough if you applying with a base primer.

FOTD using Eyeshadow 550 Enchanted:

It suitable for everyday looks or special occasions
Easy to get
Travel handy


Lil bit powdery
Not really pigmented without base primer
It doesn't come with a mirror
The applicator is lil bit rough


I like this Eyeshadow for everyday looks, since it has neutral colors but why it doesn't come with a mirror? huh.

Thank you for reading
See you on my next post

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  1. Aku juga dulu pake eyeshadow revlon,buat belajar dulu btw nice post

    1. Hai Lina, iya aku juga ini buat belajar soalnya aku blm bisa blend2 dgn rapih. Thank you for stopping by :D


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