Senin, 03 November 2014

[Review] Maybelline Crayon liner in Black

Hallo girls !
How are you? How many eyeliners you have so far?
I think every woman/girl should have an eyeliner for their beautiful eyes :D allow me to introducing you about this crayon liner with affordable price exactly !
Can you guess it? :p yap ! You're right i made a review about maybelline crayon liner in black.
So, Let's go to the Review !

As you can see,the packaging is nothing special and the shape like another pencil liner. The color is black and the letter is fuchsia, cute isn't it?, the cap is transparent so you can see this crayon liner with easily.
The texture is soft but it's not easy to broke and it didn't make your eyelids hurt/pain when u apply this crayon liner, it glides smoothly on your eyelids.
Color and swatch:
The color is really black, i like the color btw.
About the swatch you can see the picture above, it's pigmented !.

 Waterproof and Smudge


Waterproof: I've tried with pouring water to this crayon eyeliner and rub it with hard. How about the result? Yap, it's waterproof !
Smudgeproof: i tried to rub my arms with smoothly and this crayon liner smudge :(.

FOTD using Maybelline Crayon Liner and Revlon Colorstay Eyehadow Palette

Affordable price only Rp.18.500
You can get it easily in minimarket or drugstore around you
The texture is soft
Really black
Suitable for daily

Smudge :(
It's not suitable for special occasions

Conclusion: i like this crayon liner since the price so affordable even it's not smudgeproof, but it's no problem as long as you didn't rub your eyes haha it will stay on your eyelids though. I use this crayon liner in a hurry to go, cause it's practice and glides with easily on my eyelids.
FOTD using Maybelline Crayon Pencil.

Thankyou for Reading
See you on my next post

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