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[Short Review] Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Kiss me pink 003 Shade

Hallo Girls ! this is for the first time i write a review about nail polish, am not a fan of nail polish cause my nails are so tiny L so, i just lazy to create nails art like the others girl out there but sometimes i feel envy when i looked my friends creating cute nail arts and collecting nail polishes with so many beautiful colors. Now, i try to collecting nail polish to learn how to make my nails look cute with nail polish :D
 I’ve read some beauty bloggers review about Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish, so i went to Maybelline Counter about Couple days ago and i chose kiss me pink shade. I dunno why i bought this color hahaha am not realized i just grabbed it and go to cashier to paid “-_-.

Keep Reading ya !

Let’s Review this nail polish


the packaging is cute and simple, made from glass and the cap made by plastic. Above the cap there is an emboss about the shade of this nail polish, on the bottle of the nail polish there are the information about manufactured the product, Ingredients and etc.


The applicator made by soft brush and ya suitable for paint your nails not too short or not too long 

the texture of this nail polish is liquid and lil bit watery i guess, i like the texture btw.

see? the color so pretty haha pink fuchsia and i love it. *pardon my short nails* huhuuhhu :'(

Affordable Price Just 30k
cute packaging
it has pretty color
Dry fast

Nope, So far

I like this nail polish so much, Based on the texture, the color and the price exactly. i am curious with another shade of maybelline color show nail polish, Cause so many pretty shades.

See you !

Thank you 


3 komentar :

  1. wow, merah menyala banget yoowww.
    pnasaran ama series maybelline ini, banyak yg review :P

    btw, main-main ke blog daku yah :D
    lagi ngadain GIVEAWAY juga lhoo >‿‿◕


    mAKASIHH ♥‿♥

  2. Wow ...
    salam kenal ya
    blognya bagus banget
    follow blog saya

  3. Rifka : iya itu fuchsia bukan merah hehehe iya emg byk bgt yg review, thx udh mampir. i'll visit your blog asap :D

    Ahmad: terimakasih, iya nanti saya mampir ke blog nya ya :D


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