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(Review) Maybelline Color show Lipstick Plum Perfect 403

Hallo ! I am back with another review :D
I wanna make my own review about my new baby LOL... yes my new favourite lipstick from Maybelline that i bought last month :D Maybelline is one of my fav drug store brand since maybelline has a good quality and affordable price exactly !.
I just curious with Maybelline Color Show series because so many Beauty Bloggers made reviews about Color Show, hmmm i decided to buy lipstick and nail polish from this series. I chose Plum Perfect Shade Cause i’ve never tried the color plum before J.
Let’s Review the product !


as you can see the picture above yeah the lipstick doesn’t come with a box, it just covered by plastic with the letters Maybelline color show, their claims, ingredients and expired date the product.
Packaging of this lipstick just simply  Black Color and lil bit purple on the middle, it packaged by plastic nothing special about the packaging just so-so.


The bottom of this lipstick has a code and shade infromation, yes the code is 403 and the shade is plum perfect. Hmmm are you sure PLUM PERFECT?HA? PERFECT?...
Just keep reading to know this shade perfect or no :P


When i opened the cap of the lipstick, am so happy that the color is plum like am expected before :D and the scent of this lipticsk hmm kinda berry smell, Ah... i like the color in the first sight Lol PLUM PLUM PLUM.


The texture is creamy and blendable with my lips, i am not found any difficult when i applied this lipstick. So, yes this lipstick just easy to apply and it doesn’t makes my lips dry.


Before applying on my lips, i’ve swatched on my arm first. The color is lovely huh?
BUT let’s see how the lipstick works on my lip?

As u can see the lipstick when i applied on my lip J sweet isn’t it? HAHA , eh wait where are you plum? It looks like sweet pink huft...i just expected this lipstick has a dark red :/
Plus :
Affordable price (Rp.30.000)
Sweet color
Suit for daily
It doesn’t makes my lip dry
Leave stain

Staying Hour only 3-4hours (without eat and drink)
Sheer color so you need 2-3 swipes to get plum color
NOT really Plum :P and so far from “perfect” like the name LOL
Conclusion:Over all  I like this lipstick for daily use and i like the scent very much haha it makes my mood booster after i am applying this lipstick :D, Maybe i’ll use this lipstick for daily not for special occasion since the color is not pop out and sheer finish L so, i need to re-apply (again). i just can’t wait to try  another lipstick shades from the color show series.

Thank you

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