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[review] Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free BB Stick SPF 21 PA +++ Shade Natural

Hai ladies...
Today i'm gonna review abot Maybelline BB stick whom i bought last Saturday when i met with my besties, i just curious to try this bb stick and yeah i know this bb stick has launched last year but is it never too late to try huh? LOL

let's jump to the review :


  • Let’s join BB Generation!
  • Satu stick praktis untuk 8 manfaat BB bagi kulit. Formula BB dengan kandungan Mineral Clay dan Salicylic Acid cocok untuk kulit wajah normal cenderung berminyak. Kulit akan tampak lebih halus, cerah alami, tampak matte seperti memakai bedak dalam 1 langkah mudah.

Packaging: in my opinion the packaging of this BB stick is so-so and simple hmmm nothing special with the color is pastel and lil bit white then the packaging made from plastic.

I prefer shade in Natural cause in Maybelline Counter Just Available in two shades and of course when i tested on my hand the Natural one suitable on my skin tone.

 Texture: the texture is creamy but matte finish. so, for you who has dry skin it is not suitable and yes for oily skin who wants get matte finish.

it has SPF 21 PA+++ , it means you don't need sunblock/sunscreen when u apply this BB stick on your face.

Swatch: as you can see the color of this bb stick suit on my skin and easy to blend, of course when i applied it on my skin it doesn't make my face heavy.

FOTD with Maybelline BB stick and time to selfie

affordable price just 59k (in counter)
doesn't make my face heavy 
matte finish
the shade suits on my skin tone

about the hygiene may be u have to use brush for applying this BB Stick.
Just Available in two shades

Have a nice day !

See you on my next post

Thank you


2 komentar :

  1. kok hasilnya bisa bagus sih? di aku cakey banget udah gitu sejam muka jadi kayak tambang minyak :c shadenya juga ga ada yg cocok di aku. yg natural terlalu terang, yg radiance kegelapan banget

    1. Wah gitu ya :( di aku sih cocok ga bikin minyakan kecuali kalau udh 4-5 hours i need blotting on my T-zone. Iya sih pilihan shade nya cuma dua ya jadi ga semua org indo match sama shade itu.


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