Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

[review] NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream MILAN

  Everyone knows that Soft matte lip cream form nyx so popular and as a newbie beauty blogger like me :P i wanna collect all of NYX soft matte lip cream *lol cause i just fall in love with the textures and their shades.

  As a beginner the first lip cream I bought SMLC Milan shade and today i want to make a review about this lip cream :D
sooo Check this out !

the packaging is so-so just like a lip gloss package, yeah i don't mind about the packaging this lip cream.

at the bottom of this lip cream there is a code and name this lip cream SMLC 11 MILAN

Expired 18 months after you opened this lip cream:)

its a convenient applicator, when i apply this lip cream to my lips.

Texture this lip cream of course creamy, smoothly and matte finish, when i applied this lip cream on my lips wooo i like it and you know what ? it doesn't make my lip dry. they are not quite lipstick and not quite lip gloss, yap this is lip cream.

Swatch :
the color so beautiful huh? it's so me and i love it! before i bought this lip cream i guess the swatch was soft pink hahhaha and yes i was wrong the shade is pretty pink and the color close to fuchsia yes?:P 


Matte but doesn't make my lips dry
Affordable price (90k) in counter
it has vanilla scent
creamy and smoothly texture

Staying hour just so-so and you need to re-apply

Repurchase ? nope, i wanna try the other shades.

do you have nyx soft matte lip cream too? what's yours? come on tell me and share in comment box *lol

Thank you

6 komentar :

  1. si lip cream bikin nagih nih :P sekarang keluar lagi shade shade yang lebih bold, bagus bagus huahahaha T.T

  2. iya emang bikin pengen punya semua :( haaaa yg shade baru lebih bagus bagus ayo beli duluan kak :P nanti aku nyusul hihihi

  3. Belom punyaa blom coba pengen banget :')

  4. aduhh pingin nyobain, banyak yang bilang produk ini bagus. tapi ini hasilnya matte ato glossy ya?

  5. aduh ingin punya ini, soalnya banyak yang bilang bagus. tapi ini hasilnya jadi matte ato glossy ya?

  6. Via: hayo vi beli gakan nyesel seriuuuus :D *racuni via*

    Imelda: matte dooong :)) ayo beli beli bagus bgt kok jadi tambah cantik


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