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October's Favorites !

Hallo Girls !
I know  is november already and november is my special month because my birthday on november, yeah i am a scorpio girl ! but i want to share my beauty favourites on October. I will share about skincare and make up which was my favourites on October.

are you curious? keep reading and enjoy !

1. Hadalabo Night Cream
Last month i was looking for night cream who suitable for my oily and acne prone skin, it's kinda tricky to find drugstore brand who have night cream for acne prone oily skin like me. My skin cannot use the skincare contains with whitening,fragrance and creamy texture because there's always make my skin breakout. Then when i went to carefour i found This Hadalabo Night cream for oily skin and of course there's not contains with whitening, mineral oil, fragrance free also the texture is gel. I bought it and been trying about more than one month, i thought this cream suitable for my skin condition since did not make me break out and my skin become moist and smooth. I will use this product  till running out hahaha and maybe i will repurchase.

2.Wardah Body Butter in Ginger Lavender
 Oh well ! i am so late to know that Wardah Body Butter is great, i dunno i just like the smell between ginger and lavender in one time then the texture not sticky and not creamy. So, when apply to my skin it absorbs quickly and it didn't leave sticky effect.

3. Laneige sleeping mask
I already review this sleeping mask, yeah!  Still be my favourite sleeping mask on october. I like the effect after using this sleeping mask  when i woke up and touched my face, awesome!  My skin become smooth, moist, and bouncy like baby's skin. Also can reduce my redness because of acne, oh really this sleeping mask always be my fav but you know what? Laneige discontinue this product and already improved and repackaged with the new one!.  The packaging looks more classy and travel friendly,  i hope the benefit and the function still good or become better than ex water sleeping mask.

4.Bioderma Hydrabio Face Mist

I got this face mist from event last month, you can read here. This face mist is really different with another face mist, since when you spray it you can feel the water really feel into the skin. The texture of this water like haze,  the ion particle so soft then another brand. The good news, you don't need to tap tap with tissue after spraying the face mist. Hydrabio face mist can use as toner, after sun burn, refreshing, after make up as setting spray to keep your make up always on. I always bring this baby in my bag anywhere i go.

5.Laneige Face Primer
I just tried the sample of laneige face primer and really like it. It makes my make up stay and did not clog my pores, the texture is creamy and absorbed quickly. I guess i need a full size or i want to try MUFE primer haha.

6. Laneige Foundation
Like the primer, i tried laneige foundation just in sample size. I worried if i tried foundation with full size and not suitable for my skin, cause kinda tricky to find great foundation for my skin condition. Btw this is the first Korean Brand Foundation who suitable on my skin, the coverage is medium to full, the color is match to my skin and makes me oily just in T-zone area after few hours but nevermind it makes my skin natural glowing and i love it.

7.Emina CC Cake

I am using this product, when i am lazy to put on bb cream or foundation.  So, when my mood just want simple and easy i just tap tap emina cc cake and ready to go. This product has sheer coverage,suitable for daily make up look and it blended well on my skin. Doesn't make my skin look cakey, and for staying hours about 2-3hours my t-zone become oily need to touch-up.

8. Make Over Hi-matte Lipstick Urban Rouge no.14

This brand sister wardah and emina, yeay ! Really love matte lipstick and the color red. It really glides smoothly on my lips, my skin become brighter and fresh after applying this lipstick. The texture is creamy and easy to apply, the important things this lipstick doesn't make my lips dry. Staying hours about 4-5 hours without eat and drink.

9.Make Over Pencil Eyeliner Black Jack
Oh ! Make over best seller is the black jack eyeliner, i tried on october and become my holy grail pencil eyeliner at the moment. How i like the pencil glides smoothly on my eyelid, the color so pigmented,vivid and waterproof !.

10.Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari

This peeling scrub still my favourite, i like using this product once a week. The texture of the scrub not too soft and not too hard, it's suitable for remove dead skin cell and makes my skin soft , clean and fresh after using this peeling scrub. 

There are 10 products for october's favourites, how about you girls? what's your favourite product last month?

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Thanks for reading

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  1. aku juga pake hadalabo night cream, enak ya! cepet meresap, terus bikin kulit kenyal2 :D


  2. Kayanya eyeliner make over bagus ya. I want to try it, thanks for sharing :)


  3. Vina: iya enak banget sukaaaa bikin muka kenyal dan lembut.

    Elaine: bagus emang hihi worth to try deh !


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