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my Empties Products

Hallo Girls !

This is the first time i would like to share, my empties product and it's all about skincare because make up things i rarely run out since the expired date come early than the products running out. So, here are the empties product of the month.

1. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

I am using this STE from mid of october last year, i used to rarely using this product since i got break out from my another skincare ranges. So,  i stopped first until my skin gettin' better and lately i continue to use this toner and now is already running out huhu. I will repurchase this toner because it gives my skin smoother and brighter.

2.Sebamed Toner

Before i am applying Secret Key STE, i am usually use this toner first to make sure that my face is already clean. I have reviewed this product couple months ago, and then this toner really deep cleansing my face after using facial wash. This product special for oily and acne prone skin, i already repurchase the new one.
3.A to Z Peel Off Mud Mask

One of my favorite mask!, i bought this mask about 3 months ago and i like this mask so much. The texture is liquid, when i applied this mask i feel my skin tight and tingling effect. After washing the mask,  my skin looks clean,brighter and fresh. The price around 40k at Century.
4.Viva Greentea Milk Cleanser

The cheapest milk cleanser i ever had, this milk cleanser suitable for my skin who have oily skin. I like this milk cleanser because the texture is liquid and green tea scent makes me calm, it really helps to clean my face from the residue after cleansing using cleansing oil or make up remover.

5. Avene eau thermal spring water

The last one is my favorite facial mist is already running out though, i always bring this facial mist on my make up pouch. I spray my facial mist after applying my skincare, before applying my make up. Not only for my skincare routine but also when i am getting hot outside i sprayed it ! And definitely my skin refresh and calm, this product also help to reduce my redness. I thought i need the biggest size one and put on my skincare table, so the little size one stay in my make up pouch.

Is there any products you use or your favorite?
Which one? Come on share with me on my comment box below?

Thank you for reading

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  1. VIVA skin care aku jg pake ^o^... bgs...aku cobain semua sih, tp paling suka ama cucumber.. bisa ngecilin pori2 soalnya ;)..

  2. Fanny: iya aku pake dari 2013 lho ! aku juga suka ganti-ganti sih kadang yang lemon atau cucumber tapi yang paling sering repurchase yaa yg green tea. wah aku baru tau kalau yg cucumber bisa ngecilin pori2 :D makasih infonya ya...


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