Kamis, 11 September 2014

(REVIEW) Original Source Shower Gel Lemon and tea tree

Hallo Guys !
I am back with another review, today i would like to review about body wash from Original Source. I know some of you have familiar with this brand but this is my first time trying original source. Last weekend i went to guardian and i bought this body wash, i chose lemon scent cause i need something freshy :D at first i wanna try vanilla but i thought it too sweet so lemon is my last choice :)
Let's continue to the review


Nothing special with the packaging, it comes with white tube and the black cap flip top.
Lemon and tea tree packed with 100% essential oils,we've wrestled 10 real lemons into this skin-refreshing shower gel and wedged it into our fully recyclable bottle ! This one sure packs a zesty punch in the shower !

Texture: like the name "shower gel" and exactly the texture is gel and lil bit watery, this shower doesn't make much foam just so-so.
Scent: i like the lemon smell ! It makes me feeling fresh and kinda mood booster to start or end my day :D

The lemon smell so fresh !
Affordable price 23k
Feeling fresh after showering using this shower gel
It doesn't give an effect to my skin
The foam just lil bit

So, if u expect this shower gel makes your skin glowing or brighten you're wrong :p this shower gel just make you feeling fresh and up your mood. Lol

Have you ever try Original Source?let's share on my comment box.

Thank you !

2 komentar :

  1. I loove tea tree, seger kayak abis mandi sama mint :D

  2. AKU juga suka tea tree :D makasih ya udah mampir :)


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