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[Review] Baroness Mask sheet Pomegranate

Hallo Girls...

I have been IMA  lolol cause of eemmm ah so classic reason :p forgive my laziness to take photos and write, but this morning i am in a good mood to make a post :).

Everyone knows about treatment with mask has many benefits for our precious face, i love using mask since mask has many benefits and of course  make my face become better after using mask. on February I joined Kak Titasya Giveaway and i won two mask sheets, those are : Baroness Arbutin Mask and Pomegranate Mask. I used arbutin mask first but I forgot to take photos. so, I will review about Pomegranate Mask one.

Let's jump to the review !

Claims: This skin-matching mask sheet helps your skin to be elastic and look younger by giving effect moisturizing and forming a film on skin you feel silky and fresh.

Product Details 
Brand: Baroness
Netto: 21g/ mask sheet
Made in : Korea

Packaging: it's mainstream packaging haha nothing special  like another mask sheet packaging, Designed with Pomegranate picture and Claims about this mask.On the Back side, there is explanation about this mask with English Language and Hangul? *cmiiw and there are some pictures about the steps how to use this mask.


Texture: The texture of mask sheet like wet tissue, Transparent and  thin but lil bit sticky. It contains with essence extra pomegranate and the essence on this mask is enough not too much.

Scent : Tell about the scent is so-so not too sting or weird scent just normal like another essence scent and I like it.

Let's Apply a mask for a better skin :D Lol

How to use mask sheet:
1. Wash your face.
2. Apply the mask around your face and wait for 15-20 minutes.
3. Before you Remove the mask, make sure massage your face first.
4. Remove and Done !.

 I like the scent
The shape of this mask fit on my face
The essence is enough
Make my face fresh and smooth with instantly 

Not permanent effect
Not available in Indonesia
 I don't know whereto buy, maybe on olshop?

Conclusion: Overall I like this mask :D make my face healthy and fresh with a simple treatment. 

see you on my next post !

Thank You


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