Where's Your Dream?

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hallo readers....today i'm not share about beauty, skincare or fashion.
i just wanna share about my dream wishlists LOL
too many dream i wanna be but have i achieve my dreams? the answer is NOT YET !!!
let me share my dream wishlist in short time:
1. i want to finish my S1 this year with great IPK
2. i wanna get scholarship and study abroad *wink*
3. work with my passion
just 3 points my wishlist in shor time but have you try and hardwork to get these?
i think i just dreaming no action, why just dreaming?somehow i'm not confidence and mental block always run in my mind....heyyy Reiny Go ahead please.....make your dream come true.
do your projet ! be creative and confidence no matter the big problem about anything just focus Allah always gives you a way  TO BE A BETTER AND SUCCESS PERSON

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