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Hallo !How are you guys?
 Hmmm i think i am too late to review this product *Lol cause i got this product on february from YSL event at PVJ. My fellow bloggers has made a review about this lip gloss but with different shade exactly ! :).
Well, let's jump to review.
as you can see the pictures above that lip gloss has classy and luxury packaging. The box of this lipgloss so classy with gold color and packaging of this lipgloss made from transparent plastic,so you can see the contain and shade of this lipgloss with easily rite?. the cap has gold color, it looks so luxury,pretty and expensive ! If u ask me about "how's the packaging?" I'll answer "uuuu yeaaaah i love the packaging of this lip gloss so much" *LOL. Above the cap there is a code for shade with number and name, i got Golden Gloss shade No.53.

 the applicator is good, it helps to apply this lipgloss, the shape is quite perfect not too long and not too short and the brush is so smooth.
Texture: the texture of this lipgloss liquid,soft, smooth and does not sticky.
Scent : i like the scent very much! Emmm like floral scent but it doesn't make me dizzy :p.
Swatch: I tried to my hand first for swatch and look the color is pretty huh?this lipgloss has sparkles too wow wow wow ! *too excited. Can you imagine how awesome it is ! If u apply on your sexy lips ? :D.

Plus:Classy packagingLuxury color with sparklesEasy to apply The applicator really help to apply this lipglossSmoothMinus: Expensive ! :(
Conclusion: overall, i love this lipgloss so much. Cause it suitable for everyday make up and make your day stay gorgeous and fabulous with this lipgloss *LOL. I knew that lipgloss so expensive for me, but may someone gimme this product for free?anyone? HAHA
Repurchase? Idk.
See you on my next post !


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